Terms of Service

Shirt Forest and ShirtForest.co.uk are trading names of Beyond Fulfilment Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 12910904 whose registered office is Suite 32, Yeovil Innovation Centre, Barracks Close, Copse Road, Yeovil, Somerset, England, BA22 8RN

Artwork & Copyright

When placing an order with Shirt Forest, the customer accepts sole responsibility for copyright and the reproduction of artwork (including an image, design, logo or word/phrase). It is deemed you are the owner and/or have permission to print artwork files supplied.

You confirm that you have the right to submit the artwork for use with our services and that the artwork does not infringe the rights of any other person or entity. If you are a business, you shall fully indemnify Shirt Forest on demand and hold Shirt Forest harmless against any claim, costs, losses, expenses (including legal fees) and any other claims of any nature that arise out of a claim that the artwork infringes the rights of any third person.

We may place an order on hold if we believe that further evidence is required to confirm you have the right to use the artwork uploaded for print.

Prohibited Artwork

You must not upload any artwork that in the opinion of Shirt Forest staff could be interpreted as: abusive, discriminates based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation, supports or promotes violence or any unlawful act, or infringes anyone’s rights (including Intelectual Property), gives the impression that it originates from Shirt Forest, or includes someone’s personal data (without their approval).

Artwork License

By uploading or submitting artwork to Shirt Forest, you grant Shirt Forest a licence, at no cost, to use, reproduce, adapt, and publicise that artwork (and allow any third party who assists Us to do so too) for the purpose of performing our obligations in fulfilling your products and services. Please note that this includes the right to modify the artwork in order that it will conform to the requirements of the product you have ordered.

You will have no rights to the digitalized artwork files. These are created purely to enable Shirt Forest to apply the artwork to products and Shirt Forest will not use the artwork files except to the extent required to fulfil your products and services.

Artwork Colours & Placement on Garment

Shirt Forest will endeavour to reproduce the colours of the artwork with the print colours on the products as closely as possible. We will choose the closest colour match possible but Shirt Forest is unable to guarantee that the colours will be an exact reproduction of the artwork and you by accepting these conditions accept without reservation the limitations of the printing process and the judgment of Shirt Forest in this respect. All perso­nali­sation of products is completed by hand. As such, Shirt Forest will endeavour to position the artwork on the product exactly as you have designed it or was shown on a mockup but we are unable to guarantee that the positioning will be an exact reproduction of your product design. You will not be able to reject or return products on these grounds except to the extent that the product no longer materially conforms to its description in accordance with your order.

File Types & File Requirements

Where you choose to personalise a product with artwork, the quality of the perso­nali­sation will be dependent on the quality of the artwork you submit to Shirt Forest. Images may be uploaded in ai, eps, pdf, png, psd, and svg format. Any other format such as word documents cannot be accepted. The maximum upload size is 125mb. We recommend that all artwork is at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) but Shirt Forest will endeavour to contact you if we feel that the artwork quality would not give a good end result. If we do so, you will be given the opportunity to upload/­submit a new version of the artwork or to confirm that you are happy for us to proceed with the original artwork supplied. If we cannot contact you, we may proceed with your order, or wait until we receive a response from you (at our discretion). Shirt Forest will not be responsible and/or liable where the artwork is poor quality or supplied in an unacceptable format and therefore the end product (so far as the reproduction of the artwork is concerned) is not of a high standard, regardless of whether Shirt Forest has contacted you or not. You will not be able to reject or return products on the basis of the quality of the perso­nali­sation where the artwork you uploaded or submitted to us was not of satisfactory quality.

Product Photos & Garment Colours

Care has been taken to accurately represent the sizing & fit of each of the products available on our website. Our product photos are photographed on the same size models, in the same position (where possible) and the height/chest size of models are listed in the product description.

Everyone’s bodies are different so garments may fit you differently. If you are particular about how you want your t-shirt to look then it’s best to order a sample to avoid potential disappointment.

Colour swatches online are not 100% accurate, they are a digital approximation of the actual garment colour. For accurate colour referencing we recommend ordering a sample. You can request a blank sample via our contact page.

Changes to Your Order

If you would like to make a change to your order then you will need to do so before approving the order to avoid charges. If you make a significant change to the order after approving there may be a £25 admin charge, plus any additional costs involved.

If you need to change the garment once the stock has been ordered we have to pay a restocking fee of 20% to return the garments to our suppliers, so you will be responsible for covering this cost, plus the cost of shipping and the admin charge.

If any production has started you will need to cover the material and labour costs incurred, plus the admin charge.


You do not have a legal right to cancel your order where you have ordered personalised products or where you order products as a business customer. All orders with Shirt Forest are deemed to be personalised products as they are made on a bespoke basis and are made to order.

Faulty Products

Shirt Forest warrant that the products that we supply will materially comply with the main charac­te­ristics stated in their product description on the website or any other promotional material supplied by Shirt Forest (including the brand, colour, measu­rements, style and material of the products. Please note that the colours and appearances of products and artwork on the computer, tablet or mobile device screens may vary slightly and may not accurately reflect the products or the artwork delivered. Any slight variations in the colour of the products (including slight variations in the colour of artworks) will not count as a material deviation from the description. By accepting these terms you accept the description so please make sure that you are happy with the measurements given on the website (or other promotional materials supplied by Shirt Forest) for the products before you place your order as sizes differ between brands and a problem with the size of products will not count as a defect or fault unless the products differ materially from the sizes given in the description.

We cannot accept responsibility for being dissatisfied with sizing, weight, cut, colour etc if you are basing your decision on our recommendation.

Stock Availability

We do not keep stock of all garments in house. With over 1,000 products on offer and multiple sizes and colours in each this would be impractical. We have an account with all the main suppliers in the UK and they ship on a next working day service. If they don’t have the item you require in stock unfortunately no one will.

When ordering via email we will always check stock during the quoting process, unfortunately sometimes by the time the order is processed & approved stock can run out. The same applies for online orders, except we check stock on receipt of the order.

If an item you require is out of stock we can either find you a suitable replacement, provide you with an estimated date it will be back in stock then back order the item, or refund the order. All restock dates we receive from suppliers are unfortunately estimated so are subject to change (dates cannot be guaranteed).

Rush Fees

We will always try and accommodate tight deadlines where possible. If we are particularly busy and the short deadline involves overtime then this may be subject to a rush order fee. This is a set percentage of the total cost of the order. This fee guarantees that we will ship the order at least 1 working day before you need it, but we accept no responsibility for delays on part of the courier.

If your order is on a short turnaround it is especially important that you work with us closely and are responsive to enquiries so we can get the job into production as quickly as possible. This means approving the order and providing artwork and all required information in the stated timescale we provide you.

If we need to ship a rush order on a priority service then you will be responsible for paying the charges.

Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

E&OE applies to all quotes and invoices. If you are misquoted and additional funds are due, or if we owe you a refund we will let you know as quickly as we can, prior to the order being produced.

E&OE also applies to proofing; there is sometimes months of information for a single custom order, so sometimes details can be missed. It is the responsibility of the customer to check and verify that what has been specced on the proof sheets is what you require. Once proofs are approved by the customer and the order is produced we cannot accept responsibility for proofing errors.

Garment Manufacturing and Defects

While we will always keep an eye out for defective garments we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% free from manufacturer imperfections, as we do not produce the garments. Common garment defects include but aren’t limited to:

  • Machine oil stains
  • Holes
  • Poor stitching
  • Dye batch issues
  • Size discrepancies
  • Incorrect labelling

Some brands do tend to have more frequent defects than others, so if this is a concern we can recommend garments that are less likely to have problems. This is not to say that you’re guaranteed not to have issues with a particular brand or garment. We recommend ordering more garments than you require to account for potential garment issues. You will only be billed for garments you receive & are what we deem acceptable.

Garment manufacturers work with a 1″ tolerance when sewing. This means that from batch to batch, the same garment size could be up to 1″ shorter in length than their original template size. Unfortunately, this can mean that the same size from batch to batch could vary in length by up to 2″. Unfortunately this is an industry-accepted tolerance, so we cannot accept responsibility for this.

Social Media

We reserve the right to post our print work on our social pages. If you would like us to refrain from doing this then please let us know prior to ordering. Unless notified we will assume we have your permission to post photos online.